Ripping with RipIt

I recently bought a box set of DVDs and wanted to Rip them using a program called RipIt, I had to rip 14 discs and I am all for paying for apps; but you can only do 10 discs for the free version.

As a developer I thought there must be some kind of value that it checks, and so after searching I found a config file located at ~/Library/Preferences/.RipIt you will need to access it from the terminal as it is a hidden file.

In that file there should be a INTERGER with a value, change this to -100 or something to get virtually unlimited rips. I haven’t tested if you let it run to 0 and whether it locks the program but just everynow or then just change the value. You may want to set it to something obsurd like -100000 and never have to think about it again.

Happy Ripping

Written on 24 July, 2017